Mamífero I arte textil I 2019 I

Experimentation is the base on which works Mamífero. Reinterpret fabrics, altering them and transform them to give the fabrics a new meaning. Each fabric is intervened or handmade, creating the final unique pieces .


In Mamífero we pursue rescue textile techniques and we base the design of the fabrics in the possibilities that give us techniques like batik, embroidery, natural dyeing, printing, texturing heat, weaving, among others, stepping out of traditional and industrial processes to reach find new possibilities.

The most recent work of Mamífero is based on the technique of Ecodye because it seeks to be friendly with our health and the environment. It also incorporates the rescue of fabrics and threads that are discarded by stores.


With the different fabrics that Mamífero brings to life, cloth canvases, pieces of jewelry, costumes, collaborations with other artists and creations of textile art are born, each one telling its own story.