Mamífero I arte textil I 2019 I


Collaboration with Fernando Sica. We design and produce a textile artwork for a Dj Booth of the new Dinsmoor nightclub in Acapulco beach. The instalation has 7 meters high and 12 meters width.

It was made with wool felt and copper foil stamp. Foil stamping and sewing of the huge pieces were handmade with the help of a great team that supported us a whole week of intense work.


Design of pieces of textile art for decorating a terrace bar in Acapulco.

We made pillows, dream catchers and Ojos de Dios, pieces made by hand with different artisan techniques with the collaboration of Daniela Chiñas, Valeria Carrandi, Areli Gutiérrez, Natalia Gutiérrez Obeso, Carolina

Monterrubio and Sofia Weidner in the wefts, embroidery and printing process and Fernando Sica who collaborated in the designs of prints and photography.