Mamífero I arte textil I 2019 I

Mamífero is a project of the textile designer Itzel Gutierrez arising from the need to work and transform the textile fabrics from experimentation, combining textures, feelings, techniques and rescue fabric scraps to give a new and unique meaning to each of them.
In the manufacture of these new fabrics with warm and special touch, born Mamífero products.

Itzel Gutierrez was born in Oaxaca City and grew up in a small town on the banks of the city called Huayapam.


" The place where I was born has defined much about me because I am permeate with a very diverse culture, I grew up surrounded by colors , textures and shapes of different artistic expressions that abound in Oaxaca , highlighting among these the textile wealth and this made me choose to be textile designer".

Since 2010 Itzel lives in Mexico City , where she studied and now with their brand Mamífero, she experiments with textiles, leading them to jewelry, costume and unique pieces of textile design worked with different handmade techniques.

As of 2015, Mamífero's work involves natural dyeing and ecodye technique as well as rescue of scraps of fabric that would otherwise be garbage.

In the search to help the environment with more friendly techniques with us and with what surrounds us, Itzel has studied different techniques to dye natural fabrics and yarns with flowers, leaves, stems and oxides to create unique pieces.